Our services - Compressor Services


Our Compressor Service Team offers full range of services for your compressors, who are capable to handle the most complex task of compressor full overhaul and meet your specific level of need.

XPAD offers one of the most complete service for all kind of compressors including: reciprocating, screw and centrifugal for all applications.

XPAD’s commitment to customer is: we are here to help you achieve full-cycle reliability, minimize downtime, maximum throughput, and peak operating efficiency throughout your equipment’s life-cycle.

We provide comprehensive support for everything matters of your compressors, and we cover all major brands of compression system including Ariel, Dresser Rand, Neuman Esser, Howden Thomassen, SIAD, IMW, Intermech, Fornovogas, SAFE, AF, ABC, Belliss Morcom, Garden Denver, Comp Air, Mikuni, Kaji, JSW, Kobelco , Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Hitachi, Cameron, FS-Elliot….

XPAD’s extensive experience in this field allows us to rapidly solve out your issues at job site, 24 hours per day year-round. Whether you need carefully planned preventive maintenance or an emergency service call in the middle of the night – XPAD will be there for you.

XPAD offers:

  • Compressor Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • Overhaul Services
  • Upgrade Components
  • Reconditioning Services

Compressor Troubleshooting

XPAD offer troubleshooting services which is especially important to provide timely solutions to support customers to minimize loss of productivity and revenue for the factory.


Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance Plan

For a compressor, periodic monitoring of parameters and operating conditions plays an important role in ensuring smooth operation.

Regular monitoring helps XPAD engineers detect unexpected errors, abnormal operating parameters compared to standards and related problems so that they can predict what is wrong with the compressor and plan a preventive maintenance to support customer in the most optimal way.


Overhaul Services

Defective maintenance and overhauls have a huge impact on the machinery and on the plant. The job requires extremely careful, detailed, and thoughtful preparation. Any mistake in the maintenance process can have great consequences for the production line and the compressor.

XPAD Service team has many years of experience in overhauling compressor, with OEM training certificates and high-quality services to handle these important jobs to bring peace of mind and satisfaction to customers.



Upgrade Components

XPAD is focusing on compression technology, keep updating and capturing state of art technology so that XPAD Engineering team can offer to customers upgrade solution which brings benefit of increasing durability, improving performance, and minimizing damages to the machine.


Reconditioning Services

Our workshop is equipped with high-end machines and equipment as well as experienced and skilled manpower, XPAD provides customers reconditioning services for compressor component such as: cylinder, piston rod, valve, packing…. which bring huge benefits of cost saving for customers.

Wear Part Repair and Service