EPC - Electrical System


XPAD innovative and high-quality services help maintain and optimize electrical assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Leveraging the design and manufacturing knowledge of our engineers, our solutions ensure substations perform as planned.

High voltage is used to supply power from power plants. The reason for high-voltage power transmission is to increase efficiency. The lower currents associated with high voltage transmission allow the use of lighter weight voltage cables. This reduces construction and line costs. High voltage power in the range of 110kV-220kV-500kV. Medium voltage electricity is the power lines of the voltage level from 15kV (15,000V). At the level of application of electricity, it can cause electric discharge when violating the safety distance (person or object gets close to electrical wires or electrical equipment below 0.7m). Medium voltage lines are used with winding wires, bare wires mounted on insulators made of porcelain. This power source is hung on a centrifugal concrete pole, 9m-12m high, the insulator is either supporting porcelain or suspended porcelain. The installation of medium and high voltage power systems is one of the difficult and dangerous jobs in the power system. Workers must have knowledge and understanding of generator types, plant control systems and systems, le protection diagrams, process conversion communication, control generators and basic principles. of economic operators. Furthermore, they must also be able to quickly analyze emergencies and perform recovery operations in a timely manner. The electrical control system involves many elements and is one of the main responsibility of operators ,includes in the tested elements are the system frequency, line connections, lines, equipment loads and voltages. All must be kept within defined limits to be safe to provide worthy service to electrical system customers and to ensure equipment is not damaged by overload or improper operation. This is a field developed following the compressed air field of XPAD company, with large-scale projects focused on the southern provinces, especially Vung Tau province.