Our services - Electrical Solutions


We offer a wide range of electrical services, everything from a small service call to a complete electrical system renovation, meeting today's customer expectations and beyond.

Medium and low voltage power system, one of the two leading start-up and development areas of XPAD company, with many years of experience and a familiar partner, Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

XPAD has participated in many large projects in the Southern region, including projects to install and upgrade power poles, provide electrical equipment and materials for contractors and construction works,. ....

Especially in Vung Tau. XPAD provides electrical services for industrial parks as follows:

  • Industrial park electromechanical system infrastructure:
  • Industrial power station system;
  • Lighting systems;
  • Communication system;
  • Industrial security monitoring system.
  • Factory electromechanical system:
  • Factory power station system;
  • Electrical system for lighting, outlet system for power supply production;
  • Production power supply system;
  • Electromechanical power supply system;
  • HVAC air conditioning system;
  • Communication systems;
  • Security monitoring system;
  • Water supply and drainage system;
  • Fire protection system;
  • Waste water treatment system;

Factory electromechanical management system (BMS). With many years of experience in large projects and highly appreciated by customers, XPAD is always confident to provide customers with power system solutions with the most advanced and cost-effective technology.

Each and every job regardless of size is important to XPAD's team, all of whom respect the customer, the work environment, and ensure the work is done to a high standard, on time and optimally. client's budget.

XPAD is always proud of having a highly experienced, skilled and certified technical team, always available to advise customers 24/7, providing comprehensive solutions for all cases, XPAD is always committed to Committed to creating the highest quality services and solutions to satisfy customers.