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Portable Electric Air Compressors - versatile machines for mining applications

ELGi's eco-friendly electric compressors set a new standard in the portable air segment. With advanced technology and a compact footprint, ELGi's Electric Series is an environmentally friendly product that ensures minimal emissions.

Portable electric air compressors

With ease in operations, ELGi's models of electric portable compressors come with a globally patented eta-V screw profile airend. This ensures maximum energy efficiency and significant savings in energy cost.

The compressor's unified oil cooling system offers quick and easy oil circulations for operations of longer duration with less static restriction and a higher transfer rate.

Power-packed with reliable control ensuring smaller footprint design, its service-friendly motors assure 30% to 40% savings over operational costs with reduced maintenance intervals. What's more, this series of compressors, with an energy-efficient screw profile, is built for high performance and greater airflow to drive applications.

Additionally, this machine is also equipped with an integrated pre-cleaner feature, which is best suited to withstand the dusty environment in blue metal, granite, and marble quarry applications.

Sandblasting - Blue metal quarry

Granite quarry - Marble quarry

Here are some pictures of the application on site:

LD 4 drilling - Jack hammer

Sandblasting - Crawler drilling

When it comes to emission concerns, electric portables are always superior since they generate lesser emissions and noise. On the other hand, diesel-powered portable compressors produce extra toxic gases and other pollutants, leading to a variety of climate changes and health issues.