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Consultant - Screw compressorNEED A RIDE?

Need a ride?

An aspiration or a necessity, we've all grown up with the idea that being independent also meant possessing a plush four or two-wheeler to carry the enthusiasm of our dreams and take us on an adventure around the world!

But what makes an automobile the thing of dreams?

High-quality equipment for a high-quality vehicle

Automobiles have been engineered into the modern-day way of life, which is what has driven many manufacturing feats and innovations and changed the face of the entire industry for the better. Manufacturers today can supply consumers with safer, more fuel-efficient and reliable vehicles owing to the improved manufacturing practices through the use of compressed air systems.

High-quality equipment for a high-quality vehicle

Application of compressed air in the automotive industry

Compressed air is used in almost every process in the auto industry, from engine construction to vehicle assembly, painting, and cleaning.

The typical uses of compressed air in automotive manufacturing include:

  • Air operated robots
  • Cutting and welding
  • Painting and finishing
  • Tire inflation
  • Assembly

Today, automobiles are manufactured with lightweight materials, including plastics.

During assembly, compressed air tools power various processes including lifting, positioning, moving, stamping, etc.

  • Assembling of the components of the vehicle is done using machinery, which does most of the heavy lifting. Multiple tasks can be completed efficiently and effectively, including small tasks like fastening component screws.
  • Once assembled, the cleaning and painting processes are completed with the help of compressed air. The assembled vehicles move along the production line on conveyor systems using compressed air, as well.

Auto body shops & garages

In smaller auto body shops and garages, compressed air finds application in the process of painting and cleaning. Low pressure oil-free compressed air is utilised to operate spray guns, which provide a smooth finish across the body of the vehicle.

Body shops may also use a compressed air dryer and coalescing filters to remove any naturally occurring moisture.

Compressed air solutions from ELGi

A trusted solution for partners from across the globe, the EG series air compressors from ELGi are highly efficient, reliable and have a long life. These features of the air compressors support the automobile industry in manufacturing top of the line vehicles!

Compressed air solutions from ELGi