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Consultant - Screw compressorCOMPRESSED AIR – THE COMPLETE PACKAGE!

Compressed Air – The Complete Package!

One can easily call the supermarket a Disneyland for adults.

You would find literally everything you need or did not know you needed at a supermarket. Choices of brands, products, sizes, weights, you name it! And while you find yourself spoilt for choice, there is one thing common with all these offerings and that is the packaging. Each of these products is ready and safe for use because of compressed air.

Compressed air in the packaging industry.

Compressed air plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and packaging processes in many different industries around the world. It is used to clean, align, shape, and seal packaging products of all kinds.

Food and Beverage:

Last year, the global food packaging market crossed over US$ 302 billion in market value. Compressed air plays a vital role in safely transporting food items and other products around the factory or to their desired location, without any contamination or deterioration in quality. Compressed air is used to shape and seal cartons and boxes, manufacturing products like PET bottles and thoroughly clean all containers before they can be filled with liquids.

Pharma Industry:

In the pharma industry, oil-free compresses are used to manufacture products including pills and tablets. These tablets or pills are then safely placed in bottles, after the moisture has been removed, and then sealed airtight- maintaining the highest level of clean and sterile compressed air

One can easily call the supermarket a Disneyland for adults

Benefits of compressed air in packaging.

Compressed air has made life easier for businesses all over the world. From small bakeries to large production plants, its multiple applications have made it an indispensable tool for industries today. It is safe to operate, affordable, and reliable. Thus, rightfully earning its name as the ‘fourth utility’ in the manufacturing and packaging world.

Compressed Air and Sustainability in the packaging industry

In 2020, sustainability is not an option, but a must. Industries all around the globe are looking for solutions to reduce operational costs as well as their carbon footprint. With global warming levels at an all-time high, it is the need of the hour. At ELGi, sustainability is not just a feature of our products, it is our mission. We have set a global standard in providing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to all our partners. Our oil-free and sustainable air compressors play a big part in reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing plants around the world. With low operational and maintenance costs, our compressors are reliable and trusted everywhere, making the lives of our customers and the planet, Always Better!

Compressed Air and Sustainability in the packaging industry

EG series screw air compressors

A trusted solution for partners from across the globe, the EG series air compressors from ELGi are highly efficient, reliable, and have a long life. These features of the air compressors support the packaging industry in maintaining quality, safety, and reliability. You can reach out to our air experts for support with your business.

EG series screw air compressors