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Compressed air fuels efficiency for automotive industries

For automotive companies, ensuring enhanced fuel efficiency and higher vehicle emission standards is paramount. Manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle components spend millions of dollars every year on research and development, driving innovation in fuel management systems.

Today, let us read more about a leading fuel management system provider, which enlisted the help of ELGi's EG series compressor for their facility in Sharjah, UAE.

Clean air for precision machining

The performance of a vehicle's engine relies heavily on the smooth function of its fuel injection system. These systems are integral for delivering fuel to the engine systems, controlling the injecting timing and releasing the right amount of fuel for the power demand.

With innovations in injection system designs, there have been great improvements in the amount of fuel consumed for given power requirements. These include high injection pressures and electronic control systems. However, to successfully replicate these highly sophisticated designs on shop floor, extreme care and precision is of utmost importance.

With this backdrop, the fuel management system provider in this case study, enlisted ELGi's help for a clean and controlled environment in their Sharjah plant. This was critical as the manufacturing process requires moisture-free air at 4-6 bars of pressure at every stage.

These stages, are as below:
  1. Washing booth - All the machine parts are cleaned with compressed air before they enter the assembly line.

  2. Assembly line - Compressed air is used to operate pneumatic equipment used for pressing, tightening, and bolting the parts of oil pumps being assembled.

  3. Testing - Once the pumps have been assembled, compressed air is forced into them to test for leakages.

ELGi's solution for ensuring highest quality standards

Apart from providing clean air, the company needed its compressed air solution to be cost-effective and energy efficient. This is why, the ELGi team in UAE spent considerable time with the plant management to understand its current requirements and goals with its growth plans.

According to the plant management, “When we started planning for this facility, our main focus was to acquire reliable machinery that is of global standards with local presence and suitable for local conditions. ELGi's strong presence in the Middle East for over a decade strengthened our purchase decision. ELGi was our natural choice also due to our prior satisfactory experience with them.”

They further added that the ELGi compressor's low energy consumption and integrated VFD has helped them to save 50% of their power cost. Furthermore, these air compressors are also compact, which uses minimal floor space.

Apart from the EG series compressor, the company also took ELGi's UPTIME assurance plan for the airend, main motor, cooler, and separator time. This plan helps them to mitigate the losses from machine downtime.

With a goal to ensure the highest quality standards and energy efficiency, the fuel management system provider and ELGi were successful in providing a sustainable solution for the business.

ELGi's solution for ensuring highest quality standards